We are so pleased with the Settle Down logo created by What if? Marketing Group!
Liz created a logo that is most definitely multi-functional. We intend to
use it on our website, brochures and on our manufactured product.
It is a “memorable” image that we are sure will brand easily over the years.
Thank you for your creative expertise!

—Steven and Maria Boldry
LiteLife Solutions
Greeley, CO


What If? MG has done more for us in one month with their Bugle Bucks
mailer and Social Media campaigns than other marketing companies have
done for us over years.

 — Mary Ann Domico
Donut Haus, Loveland, CO


It took us 3 years to get 1,000 Fans on Facebook and in just 3 weeks Bugle Bucks
got us 100 more! 
Also thanks to their extra efforts in marketing our business we
had the second busiest night in the history of the restaurant. They have been great
to me and I’ll continue working with them.

— Chris Kline, Owner
The Pourhouse, Loveland, CO


As a restaurant owner I am constantly called on by marketing companies who have
some unique way of helping my restaurant grow. Although many have good ideas,
most just offer a singular concept that they think will help me.

What If? MG has been able to grow my audience and has given me multiple ways to
speak to them!  I had less than 50 fans on Facebook and now we have over 500.
We had no text club and in just a few months I was able to text out to 569 people.
Now,  I can not only send out mailers, I have a real connection to our customers on
Facebook and I can market to them with texting which gives me a huge return on my
investment. I spend less than I use to on marketing and get so much more!

— Andrew Malkoski
FuNuGyz, Parker, CO